Scribble Squabble

All-out warfare. On paper, of course!

Scribble Squabble

A few minutes of downtime is all you need to wage furiously scribbled warfare, battling friends or an evil artificial intelligence who knows exactly how to defeat you. The battlefield is a war-torn, crumpled sheet of notebook paper. Half the page belongs to you, half to your opponent. Build your forts, then brace for combat as you cross sharpened pencils, taking turns lobbing handdrawn bombs until their forts are mere scorched smudges. Victory belongs to the sketchiest player!

Themes Galore

Tanks, planes, and subs? Oh my!


Classic and X-mas are completely free. Everything else? Just US 99 cents.


You're gonna need an iPhone or an iPad.

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Works on iOS and iPadOS 12.4 or later.

Scribble Squabble is not for Androidâ„¢.


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Scribble Squabble

Scribble Squabble 2.0
iOS or iPadOS 12.4 and later, including iOS and iPad OS 15


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