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About Return Labels

Return Labels and the Mac App Store

System Compatibility

General Use

About Return Labels

Can I merge a list of contacts and print individual address labels?

No. Return Labels prints full sheets of a single address label.

Will Return Labels work with my printer?

Probably. We've tested Return Labels with as many printers as possible, and we've included margin adjustment tools to help get things just right for your printer.

Will Return Labels work with my label paper?

Probably. We've included as many full-sheet label templates as possible. Here's the complete list:
  • A-One L-24A30
  • Avanquest Etiquettes Standard 5057
  • Avery 2160 Top
  • Avery 2163
  • Avery 3490
  • Avery 5160
  • Avery 5161
  • Avery 5162
  • Avery 5163
  • Avery 5164
  • Avery 5167
  • Avery 5195
  • Avery 5266
  • Avery 5267
  • Avery 5351
  • Avery 5354
  • Avery 5366
  • Avery 5388
  • Avery 5422
  • Avery 5523
  • Avery 5662
  • Avery 5961
  • Avery 5963
  • Avery 6570
  • Avery 6870
  • Avery 8160
  • Avery 8161
  • Avery 8163
  • Avery 8164
  • Avery 8167
  • Avery 8195
  • Avery 8257
  • Avery 8293
  • Avery 8366
  • Avery 8371
  • Avery 8662
  • Avery 18163
  • Avery 22805
  • Avery J8160
  • Avery J8162
  • Avery J8163
  • Avery J8651
  • Avery L4731
  • Avery L7159
  • Avery L7160
  • Avery L7162
  • Avery L7163
  • Avery L7651
  • Connor 8424
If your template isn't listed, but you've learned that its model number is compatible with a template that is listed, try the compatible template. If that template doesn't work, please send the template brand and model number to and we'll likely create a custom template for you in the short term and add that to a future release.

Can I request a new Label Template for Return Labels?

Yes! Send the template brand and model number to and, if at all possible, we'll send a custom template over as soon as we get can get specs from the template vendor.

Can I request a new feature for Return Labels?

Yes! Send any requests or comments to Thanks for your feedback!

Return Labels and the Mac App Store

What's the return policy for Return Labels?

If Return Labels isn't working as expected, we'd love to help out. Send a message to and we'll get started. If you'd still like to return the app, visit, sign in with the Apple ID used for your purchase, select "Request a refund" under "What can we help you with?" and follow the prompts from there.

System Compatibility

What are Return Labels' system requirements?

Return Labels requires OS X 10.11 or later and is ready for macOS 13 Ventura.

We recommend Mac OS X 10.15 or later.

You'll also need a printer and full-sheet label paper in one of the supported template models.

Does Return Labels work on Apple Silicon Macs?

Yes. Return Labels 1.1 and later are built for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Will Return Labels work on non-English Macs?

Yes. Return Labels is localized in English and Spanish. If you'd like to see a localization for your part of the world, please get in touch at

Does Return Labels work on Windows?

No. Return Labels is not compatible with Microsoft Windows or Linux.

General Use

Can I change the font in my Labels?

Yes. Return Labels includes a set of rich text editing tools. Have a blast mixing fonts, font sizes, font styles, text colors, and text alignments.

Can I use my own images in my Labels?

Yes. When editing a Label, drag your own images directly to the Decal area and you're all set.

Can I import a contact from my Mac's Contacts or Address Book?

Yes. When editing a Label, click the Import Contact... button at the bottom right of the window to import a contact.

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