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Spending the wee hours burning the midnight Mac oil? Has your Mac taken up permanent residence in your master bedroom? Does your significant other grumble and moan about trying to sleep in broad daylight?

Give your honey a break already. Get Brightness Control, a nifty tool for dimming all your Mac's displays with one slider. Now, you can go to bed and still keep an eye out for that oh-so-important instant message or email you've been waiting on. Without throwing a pillow over your partner's head. Your mate will positively love this gadget.

And don't panic! The effects of Brightness Control are completely reversible by quitting the application, hitting the escape key, or using its handy 'Restore' button!

Best of all, this nuptial (or pre-nuptial, as the case may be) karma can be yours for free! That's right, Brightness Control is freeware.

Minimum System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.1 and up

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