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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:08 am 

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My credit union doesn't yet do electronic statements, so I've just spent the evening entering the last year's worth of transactions by hand. Tedious, but it's certainly forced me to get familiar with CB2!

Two thoughts have occurred to me:

1. When linking a withdrawal from one account to a deposit in another, I select "Transfer" when creating the entry, but it only applies to the entry in that account: the corresponding entry in the other account is there, but it's not labeled "Transfer" as well. It would be nice if CB2 labeled the two complementary transactions with the same Type here.

2. I'd sometimes like to be able to access transactions from several years back, but I don't want to maintain gargantuan account files -- it seems sloppy, and I've noticed a slowdown that others have mentioned on the forum where switching back to CB2 from another program usually causes a several-second dead period. I don't know that keeping smaller files will minimize this, but it seems like a good idea in any case.

While I can back up the .plist file as suggested in the help file, this won't leave them accessible to me from within CB2. I'd like to have (for example) "checking 2007," "checking 2006," etc. as separate accounts. This would be a snap if I had some way of duplicating an entire account within CB2: I could then simply strip the new entries out of the "last year's archive" version, and remove last year's entries (once everything's been reconciled) from the current year's version. Any chance of some functionality like this appearing, or is there a way to do this already that I haven't been able to figure out?

All in all I'm quite happy with the program -- many thanks!

Chris Jones

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:46 am 
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Thanks for your feedback!

1. When doing transfers from one account to another, we can't necessarily apply the same type to both sides of a linked entry because each account can have their own independent type lists.

2. With CheckBook Pro, you can create folders within an account and move data to them to keep older entries separated. You could also create smart folders to show entries with a specific criteria without actually moving the entries like regular folders do.

With regular CheckBook, You can filter for a date range so it only shows what you want to see. What people also have done in the past is start a new account every year to keep them separated. I personally never move my entries and just keep everything in place, and have records in there back to 2002 and have not noticed any slowdown. I like keeping old data around because I can go back and look at numbers to see spending patterns or bad spending habits I need to adjust. These kind of things are hard to see patterns with until you have some larger collections of older data to look at.

I hope some of this helps you out with your questions and how you can make CheckBook work for you. Thanks again for the feedback!

Randy Knoble
Splasm Software

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