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Search in Splits (or Export Splits)
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Author:  charles101 [ Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Search in Splits (or Export Splits)

I am having difficulty searching for information in split transactions. While CheckBook seems to allow the ability to search the split description or split category (but only if you select to do this explicitly) the split category search works strangely. If the category is Medical:Reimburse searching for Medical does not seem to work but searching for Reimburse does.

I would like to suggest the following possible improvements to search.

1) The general search could be enhanced to work across all split fields OR
2) A general split search could be added that would search across all split fields (including the split to/from).
3) Search should be able to pick up any text in the fields.

As a work around I had tried to export my transactions as a TXT file but the export only picked up the main line from the splits, not the sub-lines where all of the data resides. This makes the TXT export not very useful if you have split transactions.

Anyone else having problems in this area?

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