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Group accounts with totals after each group
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Author:  chacal [ Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Group accounts with totals after each group

Great software... Finally i can manage my finances on a Mac. Thankyou!!

My suggestion is as follows: As an expat, i have accounts in various currencies from Sterling to US Dollars and Colombian Pesos. At the moment, i have to choose one of these as my base currency and the total on deposit between all my accounts is shown in that currency using the conversion rates established in the Preferences.

What i would love to be able to do is to group my accounts by currency and have a total shown after each group in its native currency. The base could still sterling for example and show the total of all my accounts at the bottom of the window, but at least with the groups i could see at a glance what funds i have available (or not!) for each currency/country i have to manage.

Another feature that i would like to see is the ability to enter a transaction in two currencies. For example, i make a credit card purchase in Colombian Pesos using my Sterling credit card. I keep the receipt and want to enter the transaction into CheckBook when i get home. I would like to be able to enter the Pesos amount on my Sterling account and keep that information permanently available. CheckBook could then estimate the Sterling amount using the rate in the preferences and when i come to reconcile the purchase with my credit card statement, i could then enter the exact Sterling amount as it appears.

In this way i have a record not only of the expense in the local currency, but also the amount debited in Sterling. The conversion rate could easily be calculated and i could see which credit card is cheapest to use when abroad. But for this to be really useful, it would be necessary to be able to do summary reports by currency and not just accounts. For example see all transactions in Pesos whichever account may have been used at the time.

Please keep up with the international aspect of the software. It's a feature that is really lacking in other solutions and i was so happy to see it given some thought in CheckBook. I also invite others to comment on any international features they would like to see added or improved upon.

Best wishes!

Author:  chacal [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Group accounts with totals after each group


I'm interested to hear from the developers as to whether they would consider implementing the features i raised.

As for the second feature, at the moment i'm doing a rough exchange calculation to sterling when i make purchases on my credit card, putting the result in the 'Amount' field and writing the foreign currency amount in the 'Description' field. The drawback being that the foreign currency is stored as text and i have no way to use it in any spending reports.

Still enjoying having the software though... Keep up the good work!


Author:  Randy K. [ Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Group accounts with totals after each group

We are always interested in hearing feedback on features and suggestions, especially on those we don't have a lot of real world opportunities to test out such as multiple currency support.

We are currently neck deep in iPhone development right now so the desktop version of CheckBook Pro is not getting a lot of love at the moment. This will shift once we get the iPhone version working well and we have to switch gears to get the syncing of the two versions set up correctly. The trick is always about adding more functionality without adding more complication. It is always a delicate dance. Thanks again for the feedback!

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