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mp3 features? (rather clueless question..)
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Author:  Fixx [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  mp3 features? (rather clueless question..)

I have been testing AbB a little (after I purchased it from MUPromo).

I wonder if mp3 is really as useless as audiobook format as many sources say -- after all most(?) online bookshops sell audiobooks in mp3 format. Are they really in a dumb format so no players can use any audiobook features found in AAC? Or is it only iTunes/iPod failure?

I have a few audiobooks as mp3 (and tightly compressed) and I wonder if it really is needed to recompress them to AAC. And if there will ever be mp3 output available in AbB (and is it of any use with current technology)?

I use audiobooks both in iPod Nano and as MP3-CDs in CD-player. Seems I have to create two versions, AAC and MP3?

With audio format CDs, I have to check if I can create one from another if the quality does not go too low -- if it does I guess I have to create lossless or low compression intermediate files. Or does AbB save high quality version in its project file, I noticed it created very big one?

Author:  Randy K. [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mp3 features? (rather clueless question..)

There are advantages with AAC regarding internal chapter stops, chapter art and general compatibility with the audiobook features of iTunes and the iDevices. Whether it is worth it to convert to AAC is up to your listening flow and how you store your files.

Audiobook Builder has import settings for CD audio so you can set your quality to what you would like. When you import files such as MP3, Audiobook Builder stores the original files in the project folder, so when you build or rebuild it will keep using those original files and not re-compressed versions. Only the finished book that is sent to iTunes or your destination folder of choice is the re-compressed version.

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