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Add chapter points In large audio file
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Author:  bex [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Add chapter points In large audio file

I sometimes make audiobooks from tape books

after you have ripped the tapes you end up with a file for each tape

then I edit each file to remove the start of tape end of tape messeges
as I find there annoying

what I do then is join each fle into on big file so I can
put it through soundsoap to get rid of unwanted noise
The reason I make one big file is I have a life and don't
want to spend all day doing one book

anyway you then end up with one large wave file
which I import into audiobook builder

The trouble with this is I now have no chapters

I would like a way of adding chapters to one file audio books when required

Author:  lordnouda [ Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Add chapter points In large audio file

It is indeed possible, just not with Audiobook Builder. That is as far as I know. This is how I add chapters to one already encoded file.

  • Fist, you need to download and install the free meta tag utility Subler.
  • Locate the file and rename the suffix from .m4b to .m4a because Subler assumes that .m4b files are protected, which they are not in this case.
  • Create a text file with a text editor of your choise, e.g. TextEdit. Here add the chapters you want in the file to appear in the following format:

    00:00:00.000 The Beginning
    00:01:23.456 The Second Chapter
    00:31:41.592 Another Chapter

    Well, use as many chapters as you like and always specify the time in the format hh:mm:ss.xxx where xxx are milliseconds. After a space add the chapter name and hit return to end the line. Do this also on the last line!
  • Save the file with .txt extension and UTF-8 text encoding (I'm not sure if this is strictly necessary) somewhere.
  • Open Subler and open the audiobook file.
  • Drag the text file into Subler underneath the Sound Track line.
  • Save the file and open with Quicktime or iTunes. You should be able to see chapters now.

Let us know if this works for you.

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