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I want to buy ABB, but...
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Author:  MikeDennis [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  I want to buy ABB, but...

I've recorded an audio version of one of my novels using Garage Band on my Mac. They were converted to m4a's and placed in my iTunes library. I want to buy the latest version of ABB, but only if it will help me do two things:

1.) Offer the first chapter as a free sample on my website. I've tried to do this already, but I keep getting the message that the file "exceeds the 2 MB maximum". So I had to break it up into three separate files. In the paperback version of this book, the first chapter is only 4 pages long. Can ABB enable me to offer it as one convenient file to be sampled by potential readers/listeners?

2.) Bundle all the chapters together into one audiobook. Right now, each chapter is its own m4a. Will ABB enable me to put them all together where they can be purchased as one downloadable item?
--Mike D

Author:  Randy K. [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I want to buy ABB, but...


It sounds like the first issue you are running into is a limitation of where your website is hosted. It may be limiting what file size you are able to offer for download (or upload to the server). One way to combat that would be to reduce the quality of your audio to squeeze in more time per megabyte and squeeze in under the 2 mb limitation.

Audiobook Builder can bundle your M4a files into one file, with internal chapter markers where those individual files used to break.

You can test the free trial of Audiobook Builder, especially if you want to see how your free sample would turn out. The free trial limits your final output to 20 minutes, but that would be more than enough to play with how things are organized and see how that free sample would turn out.

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