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The Ol' "Unexpectedly Quit"
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Author:  FloatingBrick [ Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  The Ol' "Unexpectedly Quit"

I got ViddyUp 'bout two weeks ago, and it was working fine, but lately I have gotten a lot of "Unexpectedly Quits" from it.
I have successfully encoded two full-length movies and few episodes of a show, but now I'm trying to encode more episodes of the same show (the same format) and ViddyUp encodes some, but "Unexpectedly Quits" in the VERY END of encoding others...
I thought maybe there's a problem with the episodes themselves, but ffmpegx have encoded them succesfully.
Even though I can encode the episodes ViddyUp quits on, I still prefer to encode with ViddyUp, cause I don't have to deal with kazillion settings, can batch encode, the quality's a bit better and so on...
Now, I can see the video playing in ViddyUp's viewing window.
I can't upload images, but I do have a screenshot for Console message and ViddyUp crash log, and can email it to you guys if you wanna take a look.
I don't know, just seems strange... does Viddy have any known issues or incompatibilities with any other software?
Anyways, sorry for a lengthy message.

Author:  keithg [ Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:46 am ]
Post subject: 

Our best bet is to get a look at one of the episodes that ViddyUp! has crashed on and a System Profiler report from your Mac. You can create a report by launching /Applications/Utilities/System Profiler.app and selecting Save from the File menu. Would you send the details of how to obtain one of the episodes (LimeWire, Torrent, or maybe even your iChat screen name so we can do a direct file transfer) and the report to support@splasm.com?

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