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Dasher Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Dasher isn't a Dashboard widget, is it?
No. Dasher is a preference pane and background application that work together to automatically activate Dashboard when your Mac is idle. You can choose the amount of time Dasher waits before activating Dashboard and can easily disable Dasher with a handy checkbox.

How does Dasher work?
Dasher is actually two pieces: a preference pane named Dasher and a background application named Dasher Daemon. The preference pane communicates your preferences with the background application. The background application keeps track of how long your Mac has been idle and activates Dashboard according to your preferences. Dasher Daemon is automatically added to your Login Items so that is active as soon as you log into your Mac OS X user account.

Does Dasher interfere with my screensaver?
No. Dasher only activates Dashboard when your Mac has been idle for a certain amount of time. Your screensaver is prioritized by Mac OS X so that it appears above all other applications, including Dashboard. If Dashboard is activated before your screensaver automatically begins, the screensaver will take over the screen and Dashboard will be waiting for you when you dismiss the screensaver. If Dashboard is activated after your screensaver begins, your screensaver will remain active.

How do I uninstall Dasher?

1. Make sure System Preferences is not open.

2. Remove the Dasher.prefPane file from the appropriate folder. The appropriate folder depends on the choice you made when you were asked how to install Dasher as it opened the very first time. If you chose to install Dasher only for yourself, remove /Users/[your username here]/Library/PreferencePanes/Dasher.prefPane. If you chose to install Dasher for all users, remove /Library/PreferencePanes/Dasher.prefPane.

3. Remove the Dasher Daemon Login Item. To do this, open System Preferences and go to the Accounts preference pane. Select the Login Items tab, which should show you a table of your Login Items. Single-click the row that contains Dasher Daemon, then click the square button with the minus symbol directly below the Login Items table. The Dasher Daemon row should disappear.

4. Stop the Dasher Daemon process. The easiest way to do this is to log out and back into your Mac OS X user account. Another way is to use the Activity Monitor utility in /Applications/Utilities/ to locate the Dasher Daemon process and stop it.

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