CheckBook 1.x Downloads and Support have moved, but are still accessible through our main support page. If you registered CheckBook 1.x on or after September 1st, 2006 you're entitled to a free upgrade to CheckBook Pro 2.x. If you registered CheckBook 1.x before then we've still got a sweet deal for you - discounted prices starting at just US $9.95. Contact us at for details.

 Version 2.3.1, 6.3 mb

The simply powerful personal finance manager. Download CheckBook for a Risk-Free Trial and enter up to 100 transactions per account (and as many as you want after you purchase). Go ahead... Give it a try!

CheckBook Help
 Version 2.0, 1.6 mb

CheckBook's built-in documentation in a standalone PDF document.

CheckBook QuickPick
 Version 2.0, 260 kb

Makes backing up with Backup 3 a little bit easier.

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