It's time to upgrade to Lion - but hang on there! You probably have a few older apps that aren't going to play nice with Lion... and that's where Appsolete comes in. It's a handy list of apps that will definitely not work with Lion. Appsolete makes it easy to weed out the old apps and start the search for updates or replacements. Happy upgrading!

Key Features

  • Lists your apps that won't work with Lion
  • Helps you search for updates with Google™ search, at MacUpdate and on the Mac App Storeā„ 


  • Mac OS X 10.5 and later

 Questions and Support

If you have questions, you can visit our Appsolete F.A.Q. page for answers. The Splasm Forum is another great place to find answers via other helpful users and Splasm support.

If those options don't help, you can always contact us directly via email at


Other Info:    Release History  |  F.A.Q.  |  Press Kit

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