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Happy Holidays! Our offices are closed until Monday, November 30th. We'll check for emergency support requests daily until we resume our regular hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Central).

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Retrieve your Serial Number
Visit eSellerate After-Purchase Services to retrieve lost serial numbers, print receipts, access order history and change personal information.

Ordering and Licensing Help
Our Licensing F.A.Q. covers license questions, purchase methods, supported currencies and more.

Visit our forum
Our Forum is an excellent resource for finding answers from other users and discussing Splasm's products.

Watch video tutorials to learn more
Follow along with our video tutorials to learn the basics or try expanding your knowledge with more advanced features.
Email us for support
Can't find the answers you're looking for? We are always available to answer your questions at support@splasm.com.

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Legacy Products

CheckBook 1.x
CheckBook 1.x was discontinued in 2008 when CheckBook 2.0 was released, but you can still find support and download resources on its support page.

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