Registration Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
5/10/06, 6:00 pm

How do I register?

There are four ways to register:

• From within the product, by pressing the "Purchase..." button when the product asks you to register. This method accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

• At our secure online store, The online store accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards, as well as PayPal payments made in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Canadian Dollars.

• Directly via PayPal. We accept PayPal payments for CheckBook, CheckBook Pro, Audiobook Builder, and ViddyUp!.

• By check or money order to our corporate address:

Splasm Software, Inc.
1827 1st Ave N Suite 504
Birmingham, AL 35203

Send payment for the current product price, along with a note describing which product you would like to order and an email address to send the order confirmation and serial number to.

Will I receive a physical copy of the product I order?

No. Our software is updated frequently and is not currently available in retail outlets. The benefit is we don't have to replicate and package our products. That's a considerable cost savings that we pass on to you.

Remember, you can always download our products at

Is registering from within the product or at the online store a secure process?
Yes. The in-product order process and our online store are managed by eSellerate, a leader in secure online software distribution. eSellerate employs data encryption technology to ensure your personal information is safely delivered to their servers and they do not store your credit card information after your order is fulfilled.

Can I register using PayPal?
Yes. We accept PayPal payment for CheckBook, CheckBook Pro, Audiobook Builder, and ViddyUp!.

I ordered via PayPal but my serial number has not arrived yet. Can you send it to me?
Yes. Send a request to and include the product you registered, the email address you registered with and your full phone number.

I ordered via PayPal and no one has responded to my serial number requests. What can I do to get my serial number?

Please send a serial number request to and be sure you include your full phone number. If you do not hear from us within one business day you can speak with us directly at 800-721-5492 (US and Canada) or 213-254-0112 (abroad).

Please read the next answer for an explanation of the most likely reason we may not respond to your requests.

Why haven't you responded to my serial number requests?

The most likely reason we haven't responded is the way spam, or unsolicited email, is handled at the email servers between us, or how it is treated once it reaches the Macs here or your Mac there.

Spam may be blocked or placed in a special folder at either your or our email servers. Several factors affect whether an email server believes a particular message is really spam and those factors may be treated differently on different servers. When an email server thinks a message is spam it will usually prevent that email from reaching the intended recipient. That means your email may not reach our Macs and our email may not reach your Mac. It looks just like the other party is not listening when they never had a chance to read the message in the first place.

In much the same way, once email reaches the Mac it may be automatically moved out of view by a junk filter. Just like when a message is blocked or quarantined at the server level, the end result is it looks like the recipient is not listening - but they never had a chance to read the message.

We take serial number requests very seriously. If you do not receive a response to your request within one business day then we probably haven't seen it. Please send another request and include your full phone number. If you do not receive a response call us at 800-721-5492 (US and Canada) or 213-254-0112 (abroad) and we will give you your serial number over the phone.

Can I register without paying online?

Yes. You can send a check or money order for the current product price by regular mail with a short note describing which product you would like to register and an email address to send the order confirmation and serial number to.

Send your payment to:

Splasm Software, Inc.
1827 1st Ave N Suite 504
Birmingham, AL 35203

Can I register from outside of the USA?

Very likely. Our in-product order process and online store currently accept payments from dozens of countries around the globe in the following currencies:

- Australian Dollar
- British Pound
- Canadian Dollar
- Danish Krone
- Euro
- Hong Kong Dollar
- Japanese Yen
- New Zealand Dollar
- Norwegian Krone
- South African Rand
- Singapore Dollar
- Sweden Krona
- Swiss Franc
- US Dollar

If you need to register using a currency that is not in the list above, you might consider bypassing our online store and registering via PayPal, whose list of supported currencies may include your own. To register via PayPal, please visit our PayPal registration pages for CheckBook, Audiobook Builder or ViddyUp!.

Why was I charged sales tax?

In the US our online store provider, eSellerate, is required to charge sales tax in the states where they or their servers are physically located, which includes:


Orders from customers residing in these states are subject to sales tax. eSellerate also collects VAT (value-added tax) for orders received from customers residing in the European Union. You can learn more about eSellerate's responsibilities here and here.

Is there a discount for college students?
No. Our registration fees are as low as we can go and still provide new features, timely customer support and bread and water for the slaves in our product development dungeon.

When will I receive my serial number?

This depends on how you order your license. Here's what to expect for each order method:

From within the product: You will receive your serial number at the end of the order process, followed by a confirmation email containing your serial number. Even better, our products also receive and store the same serial number so you don't have to enter it by hand.

Online store: You will receive your serial number at the end of the order process. You will also receive a confirmation email containing your serial number.

Via PayPal: If you place your order between 7am and 10pm CST you will usually receive your serial number via email within 4 hours of order confirmation. Occasionally, PayPal may take up to 24 hours to forward funds to our account, which will increase the amount of time it takes for us to send your serial number. Contact us at if you order via PayPal and do not receive your registration information within a reasonable amount of time.

Via check or money order: We will deposit your payment, wait for it to clear our account, then send you a registration confirmation, containing your serial number, via email.

I have misplaced my serial number. Can you send it to me or do I need to register again?

Visit and enter the email address used during your order to have your order confirmation re-sent to the same address.

You can also request your registration information by sending a message to Please indicate which product you registered and include the email address you registered with.

I am experiencing difficulty registering at the online store. Can you help me?
Send a message to and we will gladly assist you with the registration process.

If I find that one of your products is not right for me, will you refund my registration fee?

Yes. Our products are backed by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you register any of our products, then realize that it is not a good fit, contact us at and request a refund.

Usually, even if you request a refund right after your order, you will see a charge for the registration fee on your next billing statement. Refunds should appear as a credit in the same amount on the same statement or the next. If you see the charge but the credit does not appear within two billing cycles, please contact us so we can investigate with our online store provider.

Can I install my single-user license on a second Mac?
Yes. The single-user license prohibits using the same license simultaneously on more than one Mac, but this does not prevent installation on a second Mac. As long as only one user uses the license at any one time the license terms have been met.

Do I need a family pack license?
If you plan to use a product on more than one Mac in your household at the same time then a single-user license is not appropriate. The family pack license allows you to install and use a single serial number on up to five Macs in the same household. So, up to five members of the household can use the product simultaneously. Not a bad deal, considering our family pack licenses are usually less than the cost of two single-user licenses.

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