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The name's changed but all that Podner was is now a part of ViddyUp!. That goes for current registered users, too. All registered Podner users are welcome to download and install ViddyUp! free of charge. ViddyUp! will automatically locate and copy the existing Podner license, along with all of Podner's preferences. Each license will remain valid for all versions of ViddyUp! before 2.0, and registered users will be eligible for any special pricing offered for ViddyUp! 2.0.

Questions concerning Podner's new name? Shoot an email to customerservice@splasm.com.

Version 1.5.1 Update

Whats New:


  • Podner will now open files correctly on Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Podner will now display a "Protected" message for iTunes Music Store video clips



(file size: 3.6 mb)
 How to Update
Download the most recent version of Podner by clicking the download button to the right. When the new window opens with Podner and its ReadMe file, just drag the Podner icon to where you kept the previous version and replace it. It's that simple!

 Ready to Buy?
Visit our online store to get your Podner serial number. At only $9.95 you'll even have money left over to manage!

 Need AVI, DivX, or Windows Media Support?
AVI and DivX: Visit www.divx.com/divx/mac (Podner is fully functional with the free version of DivX) for details on how to make AVI and DivX content work with Podner and QuickTime.

WMV: Get Flip4Mac WMV Import from Telestream, a superior solution for WMV playback and editing in all QuickTime applications. Works great with Podner! More Information.

Other Info:     Release History  |  F.A.Q.  |  Press Kit

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